What clients say about Jordan LLC, Strategic Communications:

"A skillful communications counselor and media strategist, Michelle knows how to cut through to the core of the most complex and controversial issues and bring clarity to the message."

"Michelle understands the unique challenges those who are financially and/or socially prominent face and the impact that reputation can have – for good or bad – on wealth preservation and legacy building. In today's Internet world, protecting and preserving the family’s good name has become much more complex and important. Michelle’s knowledge and counsel in the area of reputation management is invaluable."

"Michelle helped us work through a difficult and contentious issue with multiple stakeholders that carried significant financial and legal implications for our 10,000 residents, local government and the community at large. The communication strategy she laid out and the insights and counsel she provided to me along the way made a valuable contribution to turning the situation around into a win-win resolution."

"Michelle helped me when I was under intense media scrutiny and my reputation was being publicly shredded. Whether managing the dozens of calls from the National Enquirer or the Network news shows, she took charge of the media circus, led me through it and helped me move on with the rest of my life -- and with my reputation restored. Not only was she my media consultant, and therapist, but she also became a friend."

"As managers of the country's largest community associations, we work with governing Boards on a wide range of issues involving City government, School districts and the community at large. We have brought Michelle in to counsel several of our major clients. Her skill in guiding Board members through sensitive communications situations that require balancing the interests of multiple public stakeholders, has helped them resolve difficult issues, operate more effectively and, most importantly, move their agendas forward."

"Michelle counseled me through the toughest time of my career when the bullets were flying! Her analytical skills and strategic insights were invaluable - from guiding me through the daunting media interview process, through helping me evaluate new business opportunities and options, to opening up to me her influential connections. What she does and how she does it, is unique."

"At a time when I had decided to take on additional corporate board assignments, I contacted Michelle to consult with me on both strategic aspects as well as contact with specific board candidate search consultants."





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